Envipo -

We are a young and multilingual company. Our distribution services include dispatch of goods, courier and deliveries nationally and internationally.

We accept enquiries for courier services in Spanish, German, English and French.

Mauricio Rodriguez

«I am Key Executive Manager and local contact for Envipo»

Andrea Obrist

«I am responsible for Marketing and Communication of Envipo»

Roger Steffen

«I am part of the strategic Business Management and Administration. Together with Andrea I work in the background of Envipo»

Ecological sustainability plays a key role in our daily business activities. The environment and nature conservation are important to us.

For this reason, we compensate all CO2 emissions of our cars through reforestation. To reach our goals we work with local foresters. In our mixed forests were planted indigenous trees like loro negro or lapacho to support the reforestation of natural forests.

In 2017 we planted 2100 trees. Every tree absorbs 12.5kg greenhouse gases annually. Consequently, we compensate about 26’250kg greenhouse gases per year. Our vehicles cause 175g/km CO2 output, that way we offset on average 150’000km annually.

We are Envipo – We are Paraguay!

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